Hard Tennis Court Restoration Considerations

Whether you have a court that is indoors or outdoors, hard court surfaces like all things require repair and maintenance to keep them in serviceable shape. Unlike other objects that require maintenance, courts can quickly become unplayable once certain defects develop and become apparent. This article will go over a […]

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Getting Back Into the Swing of Things: Tennis Court Construction and Repair

At the time of writing this, you would be hard-pressed to find any part of the nation that hasn’t been affected by COVID-19—or coronavirus within the past few months. However, flattening the curve has been a successful process despite how difficult it has been for businesses as well as people […]

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Armor Courts Is a Certified Laykold Applicator! Armor Courts is a certified Laykold applicator and are proud to offer superior court construction, renovations, and maintenance for a variety of sports such as Tennis, Pickleball, Basketball, and even Shuffleboard! You can tell a lot about the needs of a sport by looking at the court itself. As a […]

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Turn Your Tennis Court into a Pickleball Court!

At Armor Courts, we have a love and passion for the sporting court industry. Many of our employees, friends, and family members can recall fond memories of playing games on a variety of different turfs; basketball courts, tennis courts, racquetball courts, etc. Imagine our surprise when a new sport was […]

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Tree Maintenance

Tree Maintenance Guide

TREE MAINTENANCE A well-designed court will not have trees located too close. Many courts do have trees, and they present a number of maintenance problems. The most visible are the droppings of leaves, sap, twigs, bark and occasional branches. Sometimes elimination of the problems requires either removal of the trees […]

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Maintenance 101

Court Maintenance This probably is not the most interested reading but it’s a must if you want to keep your courts surface looking as beautiful and fresh as the first day it was installed. This section is written to cover issues that range from private courts, homeowner association courts, private […]

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Casa Del Rey

Casa Del Rey Armor Courts had the privilege of being selected to do the tennis court restoration at Casa Delrey a private HOA that borders Boynton Beach & Delray Beach. The tennis court was in very bad shape and hadn’t been used in years do to the poor condition that […]

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