Modular Sports Flooring

At Armor courts we will be happy to guide you through the many different types of surfaces that are available through our comprehensive line up of manufacturers we use for Modular Sports Flooring.

PVC stands for (Polyvinyl Chloride) and is used for many different applications from construction materials, bottles, membership cards, or in our line of work interlocking sport tiles that can be used for indoor or outdoor sports.  These tiles are used for just about any sport such as basketball, tennis, pickleball, volleyball, etc.
PVC tiles have some advantages over the traditional Acyclic painted finishes which may be a practical solution for your needs. Here are some pros and cons to consider.




  • Cost effective: If you are considering a hardwood floor, they are roughly half of the cost of a hard wood maple floor system and can last up to 30 plus years vs a hardwood floor that needs refinishing every couple of years.
  • Installation: They are amazingly easy to put together as they interlock into the pattern you have chosen for your court and can be used on just about any flat level ridged surface such as asphalt or concrete. They however can not be used on directly on the ground or grass.
  • Customization: The tiles come in a rainbow of colors and can be purchased in multiple colors with varying trim colors. You can also incorporate many sports on one system such as basketball with volleyball, Tennis with pickleball, etc… the possibilities are endless. To add a little more excitement to your court we can incorporate a favorite logo from just about any team and of course some family initials as well.
  • Portability: A court could be disassembled and re assembled if you need to periodically change from one sport to another and or moved from one house to another.
  • Playability: These tiles do offer a lateral absorption during athletic play making it a safe alternative to a hard surface. They have different textures to choose from a rougher finish to a smoother finish. Depending on the sport may determine the best fit.



They can a little slippery when wet however they dry out very quickly in full sun, but not applicable for the indoor application.

Because of the top side design they can feel a little rough on bare feet so athletic shoes are always recommended.

The color is very vibrant in the beginning but begin fading the moment they are in full sun and there is no practical way to repaint them and replacement can be costly so if long term esthetics are important an acrylic painted finish maybe a better choice.

Although they can be pinned down, they may tend to shift as they naturally expand and contract with temperature changes.


There are many other things to consider so when you work with one of our design professionals each option will be discussed so we can provide you with the right answers so a decision can be made based on your individual needs.

Modular Sports Flooring Tiles

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