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Do you have some minor repairs or adjustments that need to be made? Armor Courts is a one stop shop for all your repairs. In our warehouse we stock all the necessary supplies to make any small or large repairs. Some of the most common repairs are easy to fix and others can be more complicated. Armor Courts trained technicians and estimators make these repair services quick and easy to manage.

Crack Filling: Cracks can be a real concern for a couple of reasons. The most concerning are they become raised or open enough to create a trip hazard to players. The other reason for concern is water intrusion. As water seeps in, it washes any the material underneath the playing surface making the crack grow. Quality design and construction can minimize or delay cracking but cannot eliminate it. Once cracking begins, no matter which method is used the potential exists for cracks to reappear.
There are many types of asphalt cracks. Surface cracks include hairline cracks (small irregular cracks present over large areas of the court), alligator cracks (a pattern of interlocking cracks over the surface resembling an alligator hide) and shrinkage cracks (a random pattern of interconnected cracks with irregular angles and sharp corners). In most cases, surface cracks do not affect the play of the game. However, if untreated, they will develop into more serious cracks and will require more extensive repair.

It is important to note that eventually cracks will reappear or new cracks will form. All methods of repair will provide some additional life for the court and some methods will extend the useful life of the court by many years. But if the owner is seeking a long-term solution, the court should be reconstructed.
Birdbaths/Undulating areas: “Birdbath” is a term commonly used in the tennis industry to describe a low area on a tennis court that holds water. More precisely, the American Sports Builders Association (ASBA) defines a birdbath as any area where standing water more than 1/16” (2mm) (commonly measured using a nickel) remains after drainage of the area has ceased or after one hour of drying at 70 degrees fahrenheit in sunlight. Birdbaths delay play on the court after rain and may cause staining and/or peeling of the surface.

Among the causes of birdbaths are: 1. Unsuitable material in the subsoil; 2. Inadequate drainage around the tennis court; 3. Improper slope or grade; 4. Inadequate compaction of the subgrade; 5. Paving error.

The owner’s expectations regarding repair of birdbaths should be based on the nature of the birdbaths that exist to be repaired and the amount of money budgeted for the repair. For example, the owner should understand that birdbaths created by improper compaction or unsuitable materials may reappear later due to further settlement, while repairs to birdbaths caused by improper slope or grade may only move the water to a different area on the court.

Owners also should understand that available repair methods and materials are imperfect. Asphalt resurfacer and acrylic patch binders are water-based materials. After they are installed flush with the surface, they may shrink due to dehydration, allowing the area to hold water once again. Complete removal of standing water may be impossible. Generally, the owner should accept that repair of birdbaths is only a means of reducing the inconvenience they cause and extending the useful life of the court.

Root Damage: Root damage to a any kind of court can be an expensive repair and any root intrusion should be avoided at all costs. Damage will begin around the outer edges of the surface and work its way into the playing surface creating a serious tripping hazard to players. There are a couple ways of repairing them. The most common repair will require cutting open the root damaged area, then cut out and remove the exposed root. After the root has been removed the asphalt or concrete will need to be replaced and a subsequent touch up will be needed to the painted surface. These repairs are costly, so all possible roots around the court area should be pruned annually or consider installing a root barrier.

Fencing: The technicians that work for Armor Courts are trained to not only install new chain link fencing they are very proficient at making minor repairs. In many cases the chain link material can become stretched out making it unsightly and allow unwanted guests into the play area. Since a stretched-out fence cannot be repaired it is recommended that it be replaced.

Lighting: Lighting deficiencies are a real problem for nighttime play and should be taken care of immediately as low-lit areas can be a hazard to players if they cannot see well during nighttime play. We have the resources to correct any deficiencies and or convert your existing lamps with state-of-the-art LED fixtures.
Nets: The Florida weather is hard on everything outdoors and especially on the netting which is typically made of PVC material which under allot of sun light become brittle and start deteriorating. A typical net should last you about 2 years after which it will most likely need replacing. We carry several styles and quality types to meet any need.

Net Posts: We repair and replace just about any kind of net post. Over time basketball posts, tennis posts, and pickleball net posts can become rusted and should be replaced. There are many times that we can restore them to new like condition to save a dollar but eventually replacement should be considered.
These are just a few of the most common repairs that we encounter however just when we think we have seen it all something new comes up. Armor Courts will make every effort to give you an experienced recommendation to any repairs that you may need.

Call us today for a complementary review of your repair and we will provide you will a detailed scope of work and repair estimate at no charge.

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