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Armor Courts of Florida has been specializing in Tennis Court Resurfacing and Repairs for some of Florida’s top Sport Centers and Home Builders for years. We have developed our own proprietary techniques for repairing and resurfacing all types of different sports courts. Combining art and science, enable us to provide a premium sport court surface that lasts 4-6 years between court resurfacing. Through utilizing a systematic approach to construction, we ensure that every tennis court meets or exceeds our exacting standards. Whether you require completely new construction tennis court or need your current court repaired, resurfaced, or maintained, let Armor Courts do the work for you . We will provide you with the quality and experience you’d expect from a top-rated sports courts contractor.

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At Armor Courts we don’t just work on tennis courts, we play on them. Many of our associates are tennis players and professionals, with a full understanding of a tennis player’s needs. We know that a higher quality tennis court surface only serves to elevate your tennis game. When it comes to Tennis Court Resurfacing, we pride ourselves on surpassing your high expectations of your newly resurfaced tennis court.

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As a part of our commitment to excellence, we use only top-quality ITF endorsed paints, seal our lines, and implement a rigorous testing process to ensure that each court meets our high standards. Our thorough tennis court maintenance and repair services ensure that your tennis court will provide you with both an exquisite hard court playing surface and years of trouble free enjoyment.

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From commercial facilities to general contractors to homeowners all across Florida, Armor Courts provides the support needed to recondition your tennis court. If you need Tennis Court Resurfacing for your tennis court, contact Armor Courts today! Our knowledgeable team members are always here to assist you. When we do a tennis court resurfacing job, we use only top quality products to ensure you are getting the best tennis court resurfacing available.

How Much Does it Cost to Resurface a Tennis Court?

You also need to consider setting up the base and sub-base. The initial step our experts at Armor Courts suggest while setting up the site for development is to look for the assessment of an enlisted engineer. An accomplished architect can assess the synthesis of the ground underneath the surface to ensure the proposed zone is reasonable for a basketball court. You can never be excessively cautious because you do not want your court to be anywhere near a sinkhole. It is improbable that something drastic will occur, however, there can be conditions that exist underneath the surface that could negatively affect the life expectancy and condition of your court. If subpar conditions are discovered, our designers at Armor Courts can give proposals for techniques to properly set up the site for construction. When the subsurface conditions are known to be adequate for basketball court development, the dirt should be evacuated to dispose of organic matter. Organic matter spoils and separates, which can make the court unstable. Once the ground is compacted, a level surface can be expanded upon.

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