Multi Sport Construction

Playing sports is trending across the United States, with both children and adults eager to participate in many different types of activities for leisure or competitions. If you own a backyard outdoor court, school, college, or recreational facility that has them, Armor Courts offers Multi Sport Court Construction that can create more game options for you. Athletes of all levels want to train on superior court surfaces to improve their overall health, fitness levels, and game techniques in their chosen sport, and Armor Courts can make that happen.


Sport Court Tiles

Imagine being able to choose and play your favorite sports at home, participating in multiple sports at schools and colleges, or attracting more clients to your community facility. Through offering a variety of sports from which to choose, resurfacing a regular single sport court® to a multi-sport court® is the optimal solution.


Sport Court Cost

Our experts work with you to customize a court that fits your needs and budget, based off of your current court. For example, we can convert your old tennis court or basketball courts into brand new multi-sport courts. We offer a variety of colors, court surfaces, equipment, and line options to create distinct areas for each sport. We can create a multi-purpose court that is superior in every way compared to the sport court® tile system for ANY outdoor sport, including:
Soccer, Pickleball, Shuffleboard, Foursquare, Hopscotch, Hockey, Basketball, And More!


Backyard Sport Court

At Armor Courts, we have several solutions utilizing a variety of repair products to turn your old sport court® back to a state-of-the-art surface! Our team of seasoned sport surface technicians will analyze your current surface condition and determine if an acrylic, cushion or non-skid modular tile surface will best fit your needs.


Courts 4 Sports

Acrylic surfaces are comparable to those of a basketball court or tennis court. Due to its relatively low maintenance once installed, the costs of repair won’t be exorbitant.


Cushioning systems are both cost effective and low maintenance. They are designed to absorb the shock and impact to an athlete’s body, essentially “cushioning” the bones and joints during sport play. It is an ideal system for more senior-aged athletes, and those individuals with pre-existing injuries.


Non-skid modular tile surfaces provide the maximum protection for the athlete’s body by radically reducing muscle fatigue, and are the preferred surface for athletes with body sensitivities and/or injuries due to impact. Its patented design significantly decreases both vertical and lateral stresses during game play.


Additionally, an added bonus of a non-skid modular surface is its efficient drying mechanism. It is safe for utilization approximately five minutes after it rains.


Outdoor Sport Court

Multi-Purpose courts offer the durability and flexibility to play almost any sport you can imagine, including: 

» Basketball

» Volleyball

» Tennis

» Badminton

» Roller Hockey

» Four Square

» Shuffleboard

» Soccer / Futsal

» And More!

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