Tennis Court Construction

Ready to serve up some fun in your life? Tennis is one of the most popular sports in Florida and can be played all year round!  Headquartered in Palm Beach, Florida, Armor Courts has been specializing in Tennis court construction and resurfacing for some of South Florida’s most elite clientele.

Tennis Court Construction Company

At Armor Courts, we take pride in our custom tennis court design and tennis court construction services for home, luxury resort and commercial use across Florida. We offer a variety of surface options, including a synthetic tennis court option. One of our experienced tennis court contractors work with you to select the perfect surfacing option for your needs and within your tennis court construction budget.

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Tennis Court Construction Specifications

After building, resurfacing, and repairing thousands of tennis courts across Florida, we have developed our own proprietary technique for many different types of sport courts. We have combined art and science to provide a superior sport court surface that lasts 4-6 years between resurfacing. By using a systematic approach to construction, we ensure that every tennis court meets or exceeds our exacting standards.

Concrete Tennis Court Construction Details

Florida Tennis court construction costs vary depending on surface material, which typically includes asphalt, clay, or synthetic materials. Our professionals work with you to understand the benefits of each option, and help you select the ideal tennis court surface for your needs. We suggest that customers inquire about a free estimate which will largely be dependent on the type of surface, lighting options, as well as location. For an exact quote, give us a quick call us and we will guide you from the initial phase to project completion.

Tennis Court Construction Near Me

Armor Courts of Palm Beach, Florida has been specializing in tennis court resurfacing and repairs for over 20 years.. We have developed our own proprietary techniques for repairing and resurfacing all types of sport courts. By combining both art and science, we provide a top quality sport court surface that lasts 4-6 years between coatings. We use a systematic approach to construction, ensuring that every tennis court meets or exceeds our exacting standards. Whether you require complete new tennis court construction or simply need your current court repaired, resurfaced, or maintained, Armor Courts can provide you with the quality and experience you expect from a top rated sports court contractor.

Tennis Court Dimensions