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Court Cleaning & Maintenance

Often our clients ask,” Do we need to clean an Acrylic painted surface?”. The answer to that is unequivocally yes. Just like anything outside surface dirt, pollens, and pollutions in the air get collected by rain showers and comes to rest on a court surface. These eventually turn into a black mold that can be difficult to clean and may permanently stain an acrylic painted surface if left untreated. These areas if left untreated are also a major liability for the risk of slip and fall incidents that can be avoided with the proper care. We recommend that a court surface be professionally cleaned by a sport surfacing specialist at least every 6 months and possibly more depending on the surroundings of the court surface. Court maintenance is a very important part of owning your own tennis, pickleball or any type of sport surfacing.

A textured acrylic painted surface has a high content of silica sand incorporated into the paint making it a slip resistant surface. Due to this texture the pollutants deposited during rains tend to settle into the painted surface especially in heavily shaded areas or areas that do not drain well so it is extremely important that regular maintenance is performed.

Armor Courts trained professionals know exactly how to clean and care for your painted surface. By means of a high-volume low-pressure cleaning at least once a year we can keep your court in the best shape possible throughout the year.

Our annual maintenance contracts include a through cleaning followed by a clear coat spray that has UV inhibitors, & mold resistant properties incorporated in the solution to slow the process of discoloration and accumulation.

Be sure to ask your account manager about the benefits of a maintenance contract that will put this process on auto pilot making sure this crucial maintenance step is carried out annually.

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