Basketball Court Construction

In every city or county, they will require a licensed contractor to do the work, so it is critically important to vet out your choice in selecting a licensed contractor when considering Basketball Court Construction. Before you even starting a conversation, you should take the time to look up a contractor’s license as there is no point in having a contractor come out and get a quote only to find out that the company isn’t licensed or experience enough and to provide work legally. Florida law allows you to be your own contractor but there are many laws applicable to doing your self so be sure to research before you set out to do it yourself.

Basketball courts can be designed and built out of concrete or asphalt both of which have its own unique components that make up the finished product. Armor Courts estimators are highly trained to discuss which one is best for your project.

Basketball Court Construction Details

Construction starts by having a conversation about your project. We will discuss many things that are crucial to a successful project.  

From those discussions we will be able to give you a budgeted amount of what we think the court will cost and the time it will take to complete the project. There are many factors that go into estimating the project, such as the location of the court, size of the court, type surface, what kind of goals and how many, fencing, lighting etc.

Once we have prepared the official estimate has been sent to you and it has been accepted, we will begin the process of getting some detailed drawings which we can submit to the city, or county for permitting. Once they have reviewed the drawings, they may have changes and or comments for changes that need to be made if there are any. If there are comments and or changes that need to be made they will be addressed by our team and resubmitted for reconsideration & permit approval. This process can take anywhere from 3-4 weeks and greatly varies between cities and counties.

Once the permit is in hand and only then can we begin the construction process. The construction process believe it or not is much faster than permitting and most single courts foundations are completed within 1 or 2 weeks. Once the foundation has been laid the curing process begins. Whether it is concrete or asphalt the 2 most common types there is a minimum of 30 days curing time. For asphalt we allow the oils to evaporate and with concrete we allow the water in the mix to evaporate. While curing we will begin installing the equipment and fencing as required.

Once cured we can begin the coatings process in the colors you choose. After the coatings are applied, we will stripe the court and open it for play.

Other factors to consider before you start the project that may include restoration to the surrounding property such as irrigation, landscaping, fencing, just to name a few. These are generally excluded from the contract unless specifically included.  

Basketball Court Construction Company

When designing a basketball court in Florida, it is additionally essential to consider your neighborhood zoning mandates. Contingent upon where you are working, there will, for the most part, be a minimum distance from the property line that you are permitted to build upon.

Backyard Basketball Court Cost

The baselines and half-court line of the ball court should run parallel East to West. That way, players on either team won’t be compelled to look directly into the sun. After all other options have been exhausted, and if you have limited space, you can construct a basketball court towards any path. With tennis courts, the direction is particularly significant, because players on each side will, in general, be confronting the sun, for the most part, one way, bringing about an immense drawback for whoever is gazing into the sun. With a basketball court, players move around in various ways, and the ball in play is a lot heavier and relatively slowly maneuvered. Getting a rebound under perfect lighting conditions is somewhat less overwhelming than attempting to restore your adversary’s first serve while gazing at the sun.

Home Basketball Court

You need to consider setting up the base and sub-base. The initial step we suggest while setting up the site for development is to look for the assessment of an enlisted engineer. An accomplished architect can assess the synthesis of the ground underneath the surface to ensure the proposed zone is reasonable for a basketball court establishment.
You can never be excessively cautious because you do not want your court to be entrapped in a sinkhole. It is improbable something that drastic would occur. However, there can absolutely be conditions that exist underneath the surface that could negatively affect the life expectancy and solidness of your court. In the event that subpar conditions are discovered, our designers can give proposals for techniques for setting up the site for development.

Backyard Basketball Court Dimensions

Basketball courts can be designed and built to many different sizes from the professional competition level to a simple backyard court. A standard full size high school court measures 50’wide x 94’ feet long inside the out of bounds base lines so you should always consider how much area you will need outside the out of bounds. Many ask how large is a ½ basketball court? The easy answer is 25’ wide x 47’ long inside the base lines but the real question is how much area do you have? Many times, this is the determining factor when all other things are considered. Our team will measure exactly what you can fit in the given area while maintaining the set backs according to area requirements.

Basketball Court Dimensions