Shuffleboard Court Resurfacing

Do your shuffleboard courts need to be resurfaced? If the answer is yes Armor Courts has trained technicians to make them look and play like brand new.

Shuffleboard court resurfacing
remain an important part of many clubs, communities, and private individuals. As they continue to provide a nice relaxing day without exerting to much energy. Many of the courts that exist today are 30 plus years old but remain structurally in good shape and only need a little TLC to get them back in playable condition.

There are only a couple different methods that are most prevalent in how a court is resurfaced. They both begin with prepping the surfacing by either sanding or pressure washing the courts, filling the cracks, and fixing any areas that may hold water if possible. Once that is completed, we begin to apply the coats of color and that process can be done in a couple of different ways.

The first one and most popular one we do today is incorporating tiny glass beads in the paint so when the surface is complete the shuffleboard discs glide effortlessly across the courts surface. The other method is to paint the surface with an outdoor paint that will take some abuse. The method of just painting the surface will require the use of loose glass beads to make the discs glide smoothly across the surface. When broadcasting glass beads one must be extremely careful not to walk on the courts as they become very slippery and can cause serious injuries. If this is your preferred method be sure to has the court thoroughly swept and cleaned up when you are finished playing. One method is not better than the other, however most clubs and communities prefer the glass beads to be incorporated into the paint mixture as it leaves a nicely textured court that is slip resistant and plays extremely well.

Most shuffleboard courts should be resurfaced every 4-6 years depending on the amount of play.

Armor Courts starts by giving you a complementary evaluation of the existing condition and cost of resurfacing one or multiple courts.

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