Pickleball Court Construction

When you consider a pickleball court construction contractor always make sure that his/her companies license is active and enforce prior to signing any contract. If they are using someone else’s license this should be a red flag to not using that company. Also check with the Better Business Bureau and of course any reviews you may find online.


Pickleball Court Construction Details


Every county, city and or municipality have their own separate requirements as it relates to permitting a project. These requirements change from time to time and will require engineered plans. Our experienced staff will be able to extrapolate exactly what the requirements are prior to attempting to build a pickleball court(s). There are many things that will require special attention, such as, what are the setbacks for the community, (as well as the city or county that will be issuing the permit) lighting restriction, access to the property etc. It typically takes between 4-6 weeks from the time the drawings are submitted to receive a permit in hand.

It is unwise to build any permanent surface without a permit as they may fine the project, delay the project, and may even make you start over from scratch, all costly avoidable mistakes. Once we have all the construction details covered and permit in hand our construction crews will take over and start building the court to your specifications.

Pickleball courts can be designed and built out of concrete or asphalt, both surfaces have their own unique components that make up the finished product. The type of playing surface will also be a consideration. The playing surfaces can vary as well. Armor Courts offer many types of playing surfaces from a basic acrylic painted surface, cushioned surfaces, and even an interlocking tile system. Your design profession will discuss all the options with you as well as the pros & cons to each different type of surface.

Pickleball courts can be designed and built to many different sizes, from the professional competition level to a simple backyard court. The basic size is 30’ wide x 60’ long and gives enough room for full shots while considering safety for the players as well. The ideal size for professional play is 34’ wide by 64’ long.


Pickleball Court Cost


The cost of building a court(s) can vary a great deal depending on what and whom will be playing on the court(s). Once the size, location, and a few other details are addressed we can give you an estimated amount of what the final cost will be.

Many communities, municipalities and parks are converting their tennis courts into pickleball courts to address the tremendous demand for more pickleball courts.  Theoretically speaking, you could squeeze four 30 x 60-foot pickleball courts into the same space as one 60 x 120-foot tennis court however, there maybe factors that will limit what you can safely fit onto one court.

Fencing may also be a consideration to the final build. Pickleball courts can be fenced in many ways that can address budget constraints as well as safety for the players.

The trained professionals at Armor Courts will help you navigate through all the options that go into building a court(s) specific to your needs.

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Pickleball Court Dimensions

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