Basketball Court Resurfacing

Once every few years you will need to start the process of basketball court resurfacing. Basketball is one of the most popular sports among all ages and continues to be a favorite pass time or a serious competition. An acrylic surface in the Florida sun and rain takes a beating every year so it is important to have a safe and playable court. A typical court resurfacing in Florida should be considered every 4-6 years. The paint used has an extremely high content of sand incorporated into the paint to make it a slip resistant surface even when slightly wet. These painted systems have been around for decades and continue to be a practical solution for outdoor and indoor basketball courts.

The cost of resurfacing a court varies greatly on have many repairs are needed and the overall size of the court and should be done every 4-6 years or as needed.
Resurfacing a court does not mean that we will be putting on a new course of asphalt. The resurfacing project consists of repairs and repainting to get the court back into safe playable condition. Total reconstruction maybe an option, depending on how poor the courts surface is. We have many different techniques that may provide many more years of enjoyment prior to needing complete reconstruction.

The project begins with our estimators on site to evaluate the condition of the court to see exactly what it will take to restore the court. It maybe as simple as filling a few cracks, shoring up some areas were ponding water collects, or as severely as repairing some irreparably damaged area by root intrusion. No job is too small or too large for Armor Courts.

Once the repairs are made, we will apply a new acrylic coated surface in your favorite colors. After the coats of paint have been applied, we will stripe with new crisp white lines and open the court for play.


Call Armor Courts for your Basketball Court Resurfacing needs and get proper advise from skilled sports court builders.

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