Getting Back Into the Swing of Things: Tennis Court Construction and Repair

At the time of writing this, you would be hard-pressed to find any part of the nation that hasn’t been affected by COVID-19—or coronavirus within the past few months. However, flattening the curve has been a successful process despite how difficult it has been for businesses as well as people themselves. However, life must go on. Plans to reopen Florida are underway and South Florida will be soon to follow. Among the first things to open will be larger public facilities such as parks and outdoor recreational spaces.


Tennis Court Repair South FL

As we mentioned, parks and outdoor recreational spaces are set to reopen across South Florida. Despite hesitation or caution that you may expect people to observe after having been under lockdown, it is likely that many people will make good use of recreational facilities and parks to once more be outside and enjoying the fresh air.

People are not meant to be cooped up inside all day without recourse or physical exercise. That is why the availability of quality sporting courts is a huge priority for any city as part of its offerings to citizens. Exercise is important not only for stress reduction but also for enjoyment of life.

The last thing Armor Courts want to see is the general public in South Florida return to courts that are in disrepair and unfit for play. We have a strong passion for sports and all that goes into making a good, functional court.

The weather is nearly perfect year-round for Tennis, which is why it is a popular sport in the Sunshine State. There are many courts that have been existing for years but were not built tough to withstand the constant Florida heat and frequent usage. For that reason, tennis court repair is one of Armor Court’s most commonly requested services.


Tennis Court Construction Palm Beach County

Armor Courts makes its mark by knowing the process of constructing a tennis court (or repairing an existing one) from top to bottom. Our number one priority is making the entire process simple and easy for you. Regardless of whether it is an indoor or outdoor facility, a rec center, private residence, or public park, we have constructed courts just about everywhere!

We built our courts through a seamless process of clearing or creating the space necessary through bulldozing and fencing. Then, we get to work on evaluating the space and creating a court that is of your choosing. Take a look at our court designer if you’d like to get a visual idea of what types of colors we have available. While ultimately a personal preference, the color of the court you end up choosing can have a huge impact on the players that play on it.

What is equally important is what kind of surface the court is sporting (no pun intended). Armor Courts is proud to be a certified Laykold applicator. Laykold makes gel systems for sporting court surfaces that can improve a number of things that old courts simply do not have.

For example, aging courts may not feature the latest technology in force reduction which can not only protect our precious joints, but will allow you to play harder and safer. Force reduction surfaces are a popular feature in tennis courts in Palm Beach and Broward County due to our large retiree population.


Palm Beach and Broward County Tennis Court Construction

Armor Courts is your go-to for all things regarding sporting court construction, repair, and resurfacing. We’ve taken many courts and spruced them up to modern standards or completely change them to make them suitable for other activities. A sport like pickleball is extremely popular in Florida and many counties are converting tennis ball courts into pickleball courts because of the popularity of the sport as well as how economical it is.


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