Armor Courts Is a Certified Laykold Applicator!

Armor Courts is a certified Laykold applicator and are proud to offer superior court construction, renovations, and maintenance for a variety of sports such as Tennis, Pickleball, Basketball, and even Shuffleboard! You can tell a lot about the needs of a sport by looking at the court itself. As a general rule of thumb, however, having a solid subbase foundation, asphalt or concrete playing surface followed by a quality coating application that best suited for your individual needs will ultimately be the determining factor on how well a sport surface preforms.


Why Choose a Laykold Application Systems?

Laykold systems are a family of court surface applications that meet the variety of needs for different sports.  Laykold is a trusted provider of court surface applications all over the world and have provided solutions for the surfacing of many world class events for world class athletes that include the Miami open, NY Open, and for 2020 they will be the surface of choice for the US Open.


Why does Armor Courts choose to use Laykold’s surfacing products?

There are many reasons why Laykold applications are fantastic—and there are many reasons why Armor Courts have chosen to become an approved Laykold applicator. The primary reason is that they offer true fence to fence solutions for many different sport surfaces.

Gone are the old days of solid, hard asphalt courts that would be unforgiving on your joints. Especially being situated in the state of Florida, we want our courts to provide hours of enjoyment to both the young and the old. It’s no surprise that Florida boasts a large population of elderly retirees. Many of these hard-working citizens are enjoying the fruits of their labor in retirement and are fond of playing tennis & pickleball and are looking for ways to minimize impact to their joints that are prone to injury. There are many different Laykold applications which is why their approved applicators like Armor Courts can help you sort through all of the different offerings to make the best decision for your personal enjoyment, club, community, school, or park.

Not only is this force reduction a huge benefit to the elderly, but it is also a great asset for athletes who need to be risk-averse when it comes to injury and taking care of their bodies. Athletes place themselves under great stress to perform 110%, any reduction in physical wear and tear on their bodies is a valuable tool.

According to Laykold, many traditional cushion courts lose force-reduction a mere 3 years after installation on average. However, Laykold offers many alternate cushion courts which will retain 95-98% of force reduction capability after 10 years.


How Can Armor Courts Inc. Help You?

First and foremost we are a licensed and insured sport surfacing specialty company that offers a wide variety of services to a wide variety of clients, so whether it is a ground up project, a renovation or just some needed maintenance we can help you with what is right for you.

Lastly, some of our best memories have occurred on courts. In our childhood, our youth, and even in adulthood we continue to connect and make memories with our favorite sports. An aspect of the court that is often not discussed is the color which fits the club, community, or your back yard.

There is a whole category of psychology dedicated to studying how colors affect the human mind as well as visibility. Colors can make you feel relaxed, angry, thoughtful, etc. When you consult with us, we can help you decide on a court color that will not only match the atmosphere of your location, but also ensure that your investment stays sound for years to come.

Don’t believe us? Consider how important it is for outdoor courts to have UV resistance and color fastness. Think about the intense sun in Florida and how important it is to have a color system that won’t fade out after the first summer. We only use the highest quality materials that provide the highest level of UV protection leaving you with a durable and attractive court surface that will last for many summers to come.


South Florida Sporting Court Construction

Summer will be upon us soon enough and many old, aging courts are due for a fresh rework or an entirely new court in their place. Whatever court you need, Armor Courts can meet YOUR needs, so whether it is a ground up project, renovation, or just some practical maintenance contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our sport surface specialist who will know how to best serve your individual needs.
Certified Laykold Applicator

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