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Armor Courts is dedicated to providing high quality sport surfaces that produce years of enjoyment to our broad range of clients who expect quality services. Here at Armor Courts we never lose sight of our integrity and we take pride in our resilient work ethic. Our hardworking team of professionals have made Armor Courts the most desirable sports surfacing company in Florida!

Whether it is a new sport surface or a court that just needs some expert renovation, our mission is to provide our clients with durable, safe, quality courts that can be used for years to come. We service, build, design, and renovate all types of outdoor sport surfaces.

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Pickleball Court Maintenance

Maintenance & Resurfacing

If you have an existing Pickleball court that has been weathered or damaged over time, we are prepared to assist you with any court repairs and resurfacing. The resurfacing process begins with a detailed proposal of exactly what the court will need to get it back into pristine shape. The process includes cleaning, crack filling, birdbath repairs, and repainting in fun court colors. Cushioned courts have become popular requests in the pickleball community so be sure to ask about the many options available

Pickleball Court Construction

The sport of pickleball is moving at lightning speed in South Florida for all ages and we expect the movement to grow more in the coming years. There are many options to putting in a pickleball court. So whether you have an area for completely new construction or you would like to convert an underutilized tennis court into Pickleball, we can help you with a solution to make it happen.

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