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Multi Court

Are you wanting to have the best court for your home, school, or business but you just do not have enough space for a basketball course and a tennis court? Or perhaps you want to be able to play Pickleball in the morning and basketball in the evening on the same court. At Armor Courts we speicialize in Multi court Construction for those that are operating with a limited space. With a multi court we are able to combine basketball, Pickleball, tennis, and other court sports in one confined location. Utilizing our excellent choices of colors you will be able to tell which court is which without any confusion in the heat of the game.


Custom Multi court Construction

If you are in the market for Multicourt construction Armor Courts is available to give you the best court in the space that you have. With the right multicourt installed you should easily be able to play a variety of outdoor sports depending on which sports you think are best for your area. Some of the courts that we can combine for you are:

  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Pickleball
  • Badmitton
  • Volleyball
  • In-Line Hockey
  • And many more

When you choose Armor Courts for your multicourt construction you are getting a court you can count on from a company that has been servicing South Florida for over 15 years. With our teams combined experience there is no challenge that we cannot face. Our multicourts are built for the intense play of competitive athletes and even come with our Armor Courts two year guarantee.

Not sure if Multicourt Construction is right for you? Contact our office today to see which courts we can set up for you in your space as well as any recommendations we may have for you.


Multi court Construction Accessories

Are you looking to take your Multi court to the next level? Contact Armor Courts today about benches, lighting, fencing, and anything else you can think of to make your court perfect for you and your family. Do you have an existing Multi court with issues such as cracking or uneven surfaces? Armor Courts wants to be your one stop shop for Multi court Maintenance as well, contact us today at 561-303-0434.

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