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Building or purchasing a court is an incredible feeling. However, all court owners know the process does not stop there. Often courts suffer damages, requiring repairs to be made. Whether it be lighting, keeping the surface smooth, or keeping things clean and enticing to customers, Armor Court has you covered.

Considering the various aspects of courts that require repair periodically, Armor Courts works with the smallest to the most major concerns regarding your courts. Here are some services offered by Armor Courts.


Court Resurfacing:


Court resurfacing is the process of re-cementing and fixing cracks in the concrete that developed for a variety of possible reasons. During the winter-time courts often develop problems that can be fixed through resurfacing the different layers of the materials that make up your court.


Crack Filling

Armor Courts works to re-fill any cracks that develop over time. Cracks can be not only hazardous to the enjoyment of the sport, but also to the safety of the playing surface. Fixing them is a simple process of re-applying steps taken to build the court.



Perhaps you find you have a tear in the net, or the net has broken. Armor Courts can re-build or repair your nets for you in a seamless process.


Root Damage

The asphalt in courts can be damaged by tree roots. This does not need to be permanent, however, as Armor Courts can remove the root material by going deep into the surface.


Court Leveling

One of the most important aspects of a court is that it remains level. Sometimes courts lose their level, making it necessary to have them re-leveled. Armor Courts levels courts by working into the surface and ensuring the asphalt is applied properly.


Asphalt Overlays

As previously mentioned, Armor Courts works with asphalt to ensure it is leveled properly. One possibility to make this happen is an Asphalt Overlay, which gives your court a clean, crisp look. Your court is simply given a new coat of what makes it look right.


Wind Screens

Armor Courts offers custom made wind screens to help your courts look the best and most unique they possibly can.


Accessory Installation

Perhaps there are accessories you want your courts to have. Armor Courts is able to apply the accessories to your courts, once again providing you with a court that matches your vision to a tee.

Court Grinding

Cleaning and grinding the surface of a court helps to make sure that the court is free of all cracks, and the smoothest possible for your games. Keeping the surface smooth ensures that you are able to play without hiccups.


Net Post Installation

If you need a new net post, Armor Courts can come in and install your new posts. Getting the net posts properly into the court is key in giving you the best surface possible to play on.


Fence Repair

One key aspect in any Armor Court is the fencing surrounding the playing surface. If the fencing ever is not up to standard, Armor Courts can come in and repair the fences to look as good as new.



If you can’t see the playing surface or the ball, you won’t be able to have a competitive and fun game. Armor Courts provides lighting services, installing and maintaining lights for your playing surface.


Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing is a service that includes washing the surface to remove rust, old paint, or anything on the court that does not look pleasing to the naked eye. This repair service helps your court look as good as new.

Located in Palm Beach County, Armor Courts’ dedication to maintaining your court allows you to enjoy them to the highest degree. After all, no one wants to see a crack in the concrete or a hole in the net. People want to see back and forth action!

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