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Armor Courts is dedicated to providing high quality sport surfaces that produce years of enjoyment to our broad range of clients who expect quality services. Here at Armor Courts we never lose sight of our integrity and we take pride in our resilient work ethic. Our hardworking team of professionals have made Armor Courts the most desirable company the desirable sport surfacing in Florida!



Whether it is a new sport surface or a court that just needs some expert renovation, our mission is to provide our clients with durable, safe, quality courts that can be used for years to come. We service, build, design, and renovate all types of outdoor sport surfaces.



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Basketball Court Maintenance & Construction Services

Basketball Courts in South Florida take a lot of punishment with the prolonged sun, heavy rain, and salt water. The typical life span of an asphalt court if maintained relatively well is 20-30 years. Considering reconstruction is the optimal choice, however there are different ways to repair and resurface. We understand that reconstruction isn’t always an option due to the cost, so we have many ways to restore a basketball court that will make it playable again. Also, many of our clients are opting for a cushioned surface that address the basic function of keeping your joints healthy by providing force reduction surfaces that absorb the impact on your joints exerted during play.


Our dedicated team of professionals will take you through the entire process of building a new court from the ground up. When building a new court there are many different things to consider such as site selection, surface type, lighting, fencing, and many other options that are important to building the right court for you or your community. That process begins with selecting the right contractor to do the job. The price should be a consideration and not the deciding factor. We are a licensed & insured Basketball Court Contractor with a background in paving design and construction so be assured that we have what it takes to get the job done right from the beginning. 

Full Court

If you’re looking to build that full court you have always dreamed of, we can make that a reality. Our custom built courts are tailored to your exact size requirements. Whether it’s for your home, community, church, or school, we can tailor it to your needs and budget.

Full Court

Half courts are great if you only have a small space to work with. The size of the court and your equipment choices will ultimately determine the cost of the project. We have countless options to choose from so leave it to us to design and build a court fitted to your needs and budget.

Full Court

Many of our customers have enjoyed the benefits of having a court to play on. However, over time it requires some maintenance. We are a full service company that cleans, repairs, and resurfaces courts in any condition. No job is too big, small, or unusual for our team of professionals.

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