With several hundred courts resurfacing annually, Armor Courts is considered to be the best in the business. All our technicians are employees of the company and we never sub out any of our work so we can control the quality to very exacting standards. Our surfacing products are manufactured by Laykold and are thought of as the “Gold” standard in the industry. Laykold is the sole provider of many worldwide championships including the US Tennis Open.

Tennis court resurfacing should not be confused with repaving a tennis court. In industry terms, “resurfacing” is a method used to restore a court to a new like condition by means of repair not reconstruction, although that maybe a consideration. There are many things that are addressed when resurfacing a court to include but not limited to:


  • » Ponding water issues
  • » Cracking
  • » Root damage repairs
  • » Equipment repairs
  • » Fencing repairs
  • » Lighting repairs
  • » Windscreen

Armor Courts starts each project by evaluating the current conditions in person assessing the court and what is needed to restore it to new like conditions. Once we have analyzed the data we will prepare and submit a proposal that is easy to read, detailing the scope of work that we will be providing and accounting for every dollar spent.


Once our proposal has been accepted our team will set up a start date and begin the process of ordering or reserving all the materials, we will need to perform the work. Many of the product’s we use are stocked in our company owned facility. The materials arrive in truck loads to make sure that we are getting the best price possible making us the go to company for quality, service, and value.


When it comes to resurfacing there are many different products and techniques that are used to bring a court back to pristine condition. We always begin with repairs to the court by cleaning the surface, sanding the surface, filling cracks, fixing ponding water issues etc. Once the court has been prepped with repairs the surfacing begins. While the most basic method used is repainting a surface there are many other coatings for below the paint. Surfaces like a traditional rubberized cushion system, Polyurethane gel systems, and roll out pad systems that all offer a degree of force reduction do vary greatly in price.


With a rainbow of colors to choose from once we have completed the project you will have a court that is not only attractive to look at but playable and safe to use.

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