Shuffleboard Court Construction

When selecting a shuffleboard contractor for your shuffleboard court construction project make sure that they are licensed for new construction in your area. Even for something as a simple shuffleboard court construction effort there are many details to consider. Where will they be located, size of the court, how many will you need, etc. We address each question with a simplified solution by providing a detailed plan to guide you through the process. In many cases whether it is new construction or reconstruction a detailed set of plans maybe required. Our trained estimators will be able to tell you what to expect each city or county requirements will be required prior to starting your project.

Shuffleboard Construction Details

The size of the court can always be adjusted to suit your needs, however, the length and width will have to be kept proportionate for more accurate play when building a shuffleboard court. Allowing a little extra room around the shuffleboard court gives freedom for both movement and spectators. Regulation courts are 39′ long x6′ wide for the playing surface and the recommended total dimensions10’wide x 52’ long for a single court. The slope or pitch of .05% to .15% is acceptable depending on the type of surface. Courts should be sloped side to side so water can drain away from playing surface.

Build a Shuffleboard Court

Although there has been a significant decline in shuffleboard construction the sport remains popular among all ages. In many cases the courts may need to be reconstructed just since over time with typical erosion, and earth settling around them they become unplayable to any standard. Using the same area of play we can reconstruct the courts to precisely what you would like to have done.

In almost all cases shuffleboard courts are construction out of concrete and the process begins with forming up the courts according to plans, then pouring and finishing the surface by our trained concrete technicians. Once courts are poured the concrete must cure out for a minimum of 30 days. Once cured our highly skilled applicators will apply the painted surface and finish by installing all the lines, numbers, and letters.

Our unique acrylic painted surface incorporates very tiny glass beads into the paint and once applied in several applications it leaves you with a surface that any tournament master would approve of.

The cost of a court varies greatly depending on size, location, and access to the property. Call our office today for a free consultation and estimate.

Shuffleboard Court Dimensions

Court orientation; long axis is north to south.
Slope; a slope of .05% to .15% is acceptable depending on the type of surface. Courts should be sloped side to side.
Court dimensions: (39′ long x6′ wide). Total dimensions(52′ x 10′)
Safety area of 6′ at both ends of the court and 2′ along the sidelines.
Playing lines should be 1 inch wide and brightly colored.
Triangle, 10 off area is at the base
Recommended Area: Ground space is 312 square feet minimum. Size Dimensions: Playing court is 6′ x 52′ plus a recommended minimum of 2′ on each side or 4′ between courts in battery. Orientation: Recommended orientation is for the long axis to be north to south Surface Drainage: Surface is to be concrete with a burnished finish. Court surface is to be level with drainage away from the playing surface on all sides.