Court Maintenance

At Armor Courts, we know that there is more to having a basketball or tennis court than just making sure that the area is kept clean. Most sports courts have lighting, fencing, benches, bleaches or other items that need to be taken care of day to day. Light, for example, is essential for being able to take your games into the night as well as ensuring that there is not an additional shadow on the ball that can ultimately lead to hindered play. In addition to lighting other parts of your sports court may be in need of maintenance which can become tedious and challenge if you are not prepared. Armor Courts is happy to offer you a solution for any issues that you encounter with Sports Court Maintenance. Whether you need someone to replace the lightbulb over you basketball court or make sure that you tennis court net is in perfect condition out experienced technicians are always available to assist you.


There is more to lighting up a tennis court than meets the eye. Without the right lighting, you run the risk of making your court difficult to play on during the evening hours. By using the latest sports court maintenance technology, we can correctly predict where the light is going to shine on the ball and make sure that you only have to stop playing on your court when you are ready.

Goal Maintenance

One of the most common forms of Sports Court Maintenance that Armor Courts offers is goal maintenance. If you have a court on your property or community, you want to make sure that it has the best look and feel by making sure all goal posts and nets are nicely painted and are not showing additional wear. With Armor Courts, you can count on us to make sure that your court looks as good as new from the time of installation and for years to come. After all, when someone sees your court, we want them to know that it is an Armor Court.


There is nothing more hindering to a game of tennis than using your energy to chase after the ball because there is a hole in the fence. Not to mention that with areas of a fence in disrepair you run the risk of intruders entering your court as well as animals which can cause additional damages. Armor Courts wants you to know that we can not only fix up your court but also that area around it. Our team will make sure to include in our quote the cost to make sure that the fence surrounding your court is in correct repair as well as any other assets of your courts.

If you would like to talk more about Sports Court Maintenance contact our office for a quote at 561-303-0434.