It depends upon the type of court. Please look for the type of court you have (or wish to build) on the list below. Proper slopes are shown below each court type. Slopes are expressed in inches per feet, percentage, and ratio.

  • Minimum slope of a clay or fast-dry court: Inches per Feet Percentage Ratio 1″ in 30′ 0.28% 1:360
  • Maximum slope of a clay or fast-dry court: 1″ in 24′ 0.35% 1:288
  • Min. slope of a hard court:* 1″ in 15′ 0.56% 1:180* Minimum slope of sanctioned tournament facilities. Not recommended for other types of construction due to cost and expertise required. Requires laser grading.
  • Recommended slope of a hard court: 1″ in 10′ 0.83% 1:120
  • Max. slope of a hard court; minimum slope of a non-court pavement: 1″ in 8.33′ 1% 1:100

Note that a tennis court should be sloped as one true plane; in other words, water should drain in one direction only. The preferred directions of slope on a court are from side to side (that is, from net post to net post); from end to end (that is, from baseline to baseline); or from corner to corner, draining diagonally across the court. The court should never be crowned like a road, nor should it drain to or from the net line, or to or from the sidelines.