Multi Sport Courts

Multi Sport Courts
Plenty of sports use courts for the surface of their games, but those courts have to come from somewhere. Armor Courts offers top notch Court Construction service to provide you with ideal courts for your games. Whether you have a business that wants a basketball court to let off steam on breaks or a home that has a perfect backyard spot for a tennis court, hiring a court construction team will ensure your court gets built the way you want it. After that, all there is left to do is play some games.

Armor Courts offers plenty of different court construction options for you and your team. Each sport includes its own construction process and their own guarantees to make sure you love what you’ve added! Let’s take a look at the different options.

How Armor Courts Are Built

Armor Courts are built through a seamless process that includes bulldozing, fencing, and setting up the courts themselves. If you need space created, the Armor Courts team will help make it through their bulldozing and fencing. Once the space is there, Armor Courts gets to work on building the physical court. This process includes designing the courts with you, then acting out your vision through our state of the art construction process.

Examples Of Armor Courts

Armor Courts will work to construct an ideal basketball court. Armor Courts offers both full and half-court designs, allowing you to cater your court to the size of the surface you have available.

Regardless of the size, Armor Courts takes significant steps to ensure the court is built ideally. Asphalt application and checking the level of the court are two keys in ensuring the court works to your enjoyment.

Armor Courts has experience working with professional athletes and colleges in building Tennis Courts. Thus, they offer a warranty for their work to show you that you will receive top-notch tennis court construction. Armor Courts offers custom logos, custom numbers, evaluations, designs, and every other step of the Tennis Court Construction process.

Armor Courts Multi Sport Courts

One of the most exciting options Armor Courts has to offer is Multi Sport Courts. Multi Sport Courts, or Multi-Courts are playing surfaces that can be used to play multiple different sports. For example, the same court can work for tennis, basketball, and volleyball. Or perhaps you want a court that works for in-line hockey and pickleball. Regardless of the sports, Armor Courts can build a multi sport court for you.

For those with limited space, this is the best option. It sets you up with different options to play on, different sports at your luxury, and the different colors of the different courts help separate them easily for you.

Whatever court you wish to install in your backyard, know that Armor Courts is prepared to set you up with their services. Give them a call and get the ball rolling on the newest addition to your life!